A vision for the young people of today

Young People With Vision was initiated for the sole purpose of giving youth the opportunity to do good. And a good one too. Because with all the bad in this country [RSA], people need hope.

A vision for the young people of today

A vision for the young people of today

As I was preparing I was really praying to the Lord concerning my vision and my burden when serving the young people: Why do we serve with the young ones?

Why do we need to have some special lessons just for them, from time to time? Why do we need to take care of the next generation? He needs to impress us with the importance and preciousness of the young peopleso that we may see them even as He sees them, and we may treasure them as He does.

Why do we have all these? Why do we need to serve the younger generation? This is why we serve the young people — God needs some young ones who are absolute for Him, some who are open to Him, clear concerning His desires, and cooperating with Him to end the age!

God needs young people who are one with Him, those who are absolute for Him so that He may end this age and bring in the age of the kingdom! Throughout the Bible we see how God changed the age, ending one age and turning it to a different age for Him to operate in a new way in humanity.

I was recently pondering of some examples of how the young people have cooperated with God throughout history to change the age and to be a dispensational instrument in His hand… Moses — was called by God when he was young, but he had to go through a year process of transformation so that he may be qualified to change the age from the age of the slavery to the age of entering into the good land.

He changed the age to the age of the enjoyment of the good land! He cared more for God not to be insulted by Goliath than for losing his own life.

God used him greatly to establish the kingship. They all identified themselves with God in His desire to recover His people back to Himself, and they were absolute for the Lord! Daniel — a young man from Israel who was taken captive in Babylon, one who prayed for God to remember His promise to return the people of Israel back to their homeland.

John the Baptist — he was a young man when he consecrated himself to the Lord, and God used him to change the age from the prophets to introducing the Lord Jesus, the Messiah! He was radical — he saw that God hates the deadness in the old Jewish religion and he separated himself unto God, and put to death anything natural!

Paul and Timothy — when they both started, they were young and zealous for the Lord. The Lord really used Paul to bring the gospel all the way through Asia to Europe. He could speak freely through Paul!

Our forerunners like John Wycliff A. John Nelson Darby A. Watchman Nee — was gained by the Lord when he was really young, and he was used greatly by the Lord to open up the Bible in its deeper truths in a further way for our daily experience.

He learned many lessons from the previous generations, and he stood on the shoulders of those who were serious with the Lord in the line of His recovery in the past. He was 23 when he wrote The Spiritual Man, and he served the Lord full time for most of his life.

Witness Lee — was also gained by the Lord in his youth, and he consecrated his life and his future to the Lord from a young age.

A vision for the young people of today

He was greatly used by the Lord in His recovery to open up the Bible book by book through the life-studies and then the crystallization-studies. He worked together with Watchman Nee in the same flow of the Lord in China, and then was sent to Taiwan inwhere the Lord brought in a great revival through him.Another correlational study revealed that young, inexperienced surgeons who were also avid video gamers outperformed the most experienced surgeons in their field (Rosser et al., ).

The 23 Most Inspiring People Alive (for me) The inspiring people in this list are in no particular order.

They’re a mix of visionary entrepreneurs, servant leaders, authors, comedians, artists, writers, scientists and people who overcame overwhelming obstacles to .

Oct 16,  · “The vision for life offered to young people in Western societies does not call them to goodness or beauty or truth. Instead, what is offered are various life ‘styles’ and alternatives for. In the previous section, we discussed what life is like for young adults today.

Now we wish to share a vision of how this life can be lived through the lens of Christian faith, where young adults see their search for identity, relationships, work, and spiritual life in relation to . Today’s church needs to continue to engage young people in the formation of their faith so they may use their lifetime to bring heaven on earth as Jesus instructed.

In expressing our vision and mission, the Youth Ministry Institute holds true to several values. I mention them because young people see pop culture as the history makers but they need to know it started somewhere before them, this was also back before the plastic surgery craze.

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