Advocates of marijuana pushes for legalization

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Advocates of marijuana pushes for legalization

Continue Reading Below Advertisement But why settle for keeping the status quo when you can add another tile to the long domino streak that is institutionalized racism? Colorado, and others states following suithave made it part of decriminalization legislature that people who've previously been arrested for possessing marijuana cannot get a license to operate a grow operation or run a dispensary.

Guess which groups tend to have the highest conviction rate?

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Not the Chads of the world, to be sure. At the time that article we linked was written, out of Colorado's dispensaries, one was owned by a black person. Within a year, pot has become the whitest industry since country music.

To put it simply: Thanks to decades of racial profiling and disproportionate targeting, a whole lot of minorities were caught possessing marijuana when it was illegal, and now these same people are not allowed to sell the stuff even though it's legal -- incidentally leaving almost exclusively whites in a position to profit from the most booming startup industry this country has seen since the last tech bubble.

Way to shake up the system with your revolution. And they're partially right -- no one can deny that smoking weed is healthier for you than freebasing paint thinner. However, there are certain types of people who probably shouldn't be smoking pot ever.

People with certain medical conditionsfor instance.

Advocates of marijuana pushes for legalization

Particularly the condition some medical professionals refer to as "having another human growing inside of you. Continue Reading Below Advertisement For all its mellowing qualities, marijuana is still a potent narcotic. Some studies have shown that it can have horrifying effects on children, who can barely deal with their mind being expanded by basic math, let alone THC.

So the fact that more pregnant women are using it and more children are being born THC-positive is all kinds of fucked up. There haven't been a lot of studies done on how marijuana affects the fetus specifically, mainly because doctors don't want to ask a bunch of pregnant women to smoke pot in front of them one of those boring "ethics" things.

What we do know is that marijuana crosses the placental barrier, which means that bong-ripping mothers are hotboxing their fetuses in the womb. That could have disastrous effects for somewhat ironic reasons.

Because weed helps combat cancer which is a big reason it's now being legalizedit might also halt embryo developmentwhich is tumor-like in its progression.

That might explain why weed babies typically are born underdeveloped, underweight, and premature. Some researchers have even likened it to smoking cigarettes while pregnant, which we shouldn't have needed scientists to point out for us. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement Besides, we have enough of a problem on our hands trying to stop all the already-born kids from opening their parents' edibles because edibles look like fun cookies and candy and needing to be taken to the hospital.

Don't smoke anything while pregnant. Not even a ham. That's why there isn't a single picture of Bob Marley in existence in which he is not smoking up -- not a single one.

But the reason for that isn't that baby boomers had developed superhuman resistances to drugs; it's that our shit is a million times stronger.

Also, our standard for famous stoners has fallen off considerably. Continue Reading Below Advertisement According to a lab called Charas Scientific, the levels of THC the stuff that makes you forget which day of the week it is in what we're calling "classic" marijuana was usually 10 percent or less.Mitch McConnell pushes for hemp legalization.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told a group of hemp advocates in his home state of Kentucky that he will introduce legislation to legalize Founded: Sep 18, Marijuana, cannabis, and hemp all describe the same plant cannabis sativa.

Our mission is to distribute accurate and unbiased news about marijuana, cannabis, and hemp. The wild power of cannabis reform was on full display for the week of April 30 – May 4, Nancy Pelosi suggests marijuana and yoga is a great substitute for opioids; elected officials in Maine reject Gov.

LePage’s contempt for legalization; the Illinois Senate votes to legalize industrial hemp, and a new study indicates that cannabidiol (CBD) may provide an alternative approach to.

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Advocates of marijuana pushes for legalization

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