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Athe rise and effect of single

I do recall the "panther story" from the news a few years ago, however that did not cross my mind at the time and did not alter my perception of the animal.

It was a huge jet black creature that moved stealthily and incredibly fast. As I was jogging along down-hill, a very loud rustling in the bush below a sheer drop of approx.

It was unlike any animal I had ever seen and was definitley a feline. I stood there in shock as it disappeared out of sight within seconds. I did not even contemplate taking a picture with my sub-standard mobile camera.

I did not go after it for a number of reasons: I hope this provides further evidence of the unmistakeably real panther.

Remember, the Temple was built by Herod

I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. It walked across the road about metres ahead of us as we were slowly driving through towing a caravan.

This was the hugest cat I've ever seen outside of a zoo. It WAS a panther I am certain of it.

Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Disturbances in British Guiana in February

I have always loved big cats and I am sure this was no feral or wild cat unless it has been on steroids!

I am determined to find it. I usually take hikes up these tracks regularly, it is one of my favourite places in Adelaide but I refuse to take my border collie up now because this BIG cat would have her for breakfast.

I am currently putting together a search party to go and look for it. If you have any advice for tracking and finding it, it would be greatly appreciated. I would look for prints around watering areas, such as dams etc. Cat Sighting Hi Paul, Just came across your website.

I moved to Chuwar approx 7klms north of Ipswich in Qld in May It is a semi rural area. On August 6th, at approx 5.

I was jet black and although I was taken aback, I watched it for several minutes before grabbing my phone and taking a couple of photos. I then went to get the video camera but the cat was gone by the time I returned. When I first saw it, it was approx mtrs away from me and I had a great view of it as is slinked it had the slinkiest gait down the paddock towards some old animal shelters.

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I watched as it approached the shelters and then stopped and lay down in front of a 4 coarse high besser block type wall. I estimate the cat was approx 1.

Its movement was so graceful and slow. My presence did not appear to bother it at all. It turned back to give me a look and then continued slowly to the shelters.

Athe rise and effect of single

I have seen some big feral cats in my time but this was off the Richter scale. It was no feral cat. I have not seen it since. When I checked the photo times just now, I had watched it for around 9 minutes.

I saw a similar sighting at Karana Downs in from your web site.

Something is Rotten in the State of Israel

We were traveling down the Barrington trail towards Junction Pools, at around 3: After it was out of our sight we noticed a wallaby sitting just off the edge of the road, we think the cat must have been stalking it.

The cat was black all over, with rounded ears and would have been about 50cm in height. We're still amazed at this sight, so when we got home we had to check out info to make sure of what we were seeing.

It was good to see someone else also had a sighting in this vicinity. Footprint More Hi Paul, I grew up in South Africa and have seen leopard tracks in the wild on several occasions before my recent move to Australia.

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Note the headstock front face - there is no provision to. Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Disturbances in British Guiana in February Editor - Ishmael GNI Publications - © Odeen Ishmael.

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