Centripetal acceleration lab essay

Mathematics of Circular Motion As mentioned earlier in this lessonan object moving in a circle is experiencing an acceleration. Even if moving around the perimeter of the circle with a constant speed, there is still a change in velocity and subsequently an acceleration. This acceleration is directed towards the center of the circle.

Centripetal acceleration lab essay

Define uniform circular motion. Define centripetal acceleration, and state its magnitude and direction. An object moving at a constant velocity around a circular path is performing a uniform circular motion.

Therefore the velocity would also be tangent to the circle. Is magnitude is calculated by V2r where v is the tangential velocity and r is the radius of rotation 2.

A car is driven around a circular track. Which would have a greater effect on the magnitude of its acceleration, doubling the speed or moving to a track with half the radius?

Please show your proof or calculations. Define centripetal force F c? Which object is providing the centripetal force in this experiment? Cense acceleration is given by V2r doubling the velocity has a greater effect then dividing the radius by 2. This force is also always directed towards the center of rotation.

When you go around a corner in a car, do you feel centripetal or centrifugal Fg force?

What is centripetal acceleration?

It worked because the balancing force is the tetion In the string which allows the wheight to move in a circle. List the data and sample calculations obtained in lab.

Plot the graph of Fc vs. What is the expected slope of the line graphed and explain why you expect this result? Calculate the actual slope of best fit line. Also calculate the percent error for the slope, and? One sores of errow would be the timing of the number of revolutions.

What do you expect the y-intercept of the line from question 6 to be? Find the actual y-intercept for your best fit line. Imagine that a much harder spring spring with higher spring constant k is used in the experiment.

Explain how the centripetal force F c and the period f of the hanging mass will change. If we had a harder spring the frequency would be bigger therefore the centripetal force would also be bigger.

This can be because of lost of energy due to friction or simply error in calculations. As predicted every time there was a change in radius or the frequency the centripetal force changed.Best Essay Samples Centripetal force lab The second graph shows a positive linear graph between and the hanging mass, which suggest a negative relationship between mass and the rotation period.

instantaneous speed of the automobile is 4. 00 m/s, find (a) the tangential acceleration component, (b) the centripetal acceleration . Find (a) the initial speed of the ball, (b) the time at which the ball reaches the cheap seats, and (c) the velocity components. One of the most important examples of uniformly accelerated motion is that of.

A change in direction is called centripetal acceleration, and the force. Experiment: Measurement of the acceleration due to gravity. Uniform (constant) acceleration motion is a type of motion in the velocity. Related Documents: Davis Centripetal Acceleration Essay Lab 6 Centripetal ForceI IntroductionThe Purpose Essay.

Lab 6: Centripetal Force I. Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the motion of an object in a circular path with constant speed. Uniform circular motion is achieved when an object is moving in a circular path. ´╗┐Centripetal Acceleration Experiment # 7 Abstract In this experiment we studied the centripetal acceleration of an object while it was moving in a constant circular motion.

Centripetal acceleration lab essay

Introduction In this experiment we studied the centripetal acceleration of an object at different constant motions. Description Published Forrmula; centripetal acceleration: elastic potential energy: friction: gravitational potential energy: Hooke's Law: impulse: kinetic energy.

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