Chapters 1 5 notes ap biology

Ap statistics chapter 2 notes Ap biology frq answers This is the exact same formula sheet you are allowed to use during the AP Statistics Exam. I f we know the population Ap statistics: In statistics, what is meant by a variable?.

Chapters 1 5 notes ap biology

The two models of enzyme-substrate interaction are lock-and-key and induced fit. Enzymes lower the activation energy of a reaction, do not get used up in the reaction, catalyze millions of reactions per second, do not affect the overall free-energy change of the reaction, increase the reaction rate, and do not change the equilibrium of reactions.

Enzymes can be regulated by inhibitors, molecules that bind to the enzyme either at the active site or the allosteric regulatory site. Feedback inhibition is when the end product of a biochemical reaction works to block the activity of the original enzyme.

Six Things to Know about Metabolism Photosynthesis is the energy foundation for almost all living systems. All photosynthetic organisms use chloroplasts and mitochondria to perform photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are essentially reverse operations of each other.

Big Idea 2: Free Energy

Photosynthesis has two main parts—the light cycle and the dark cycle the latter is usually called the Calvin or Calvin-Benson cycle.

Light reactions produce energy and dark reactions make sugars. The light reactions occur in the interior of the thylakoid, while the Calvin-Benson cycle occurs in the stroma. Cellular respiration is an efficient catabolic pathway and yields ATP.

Cellular respiration is an aerobic process. The metabolic reactions of respiration occur in the eukaryotic mitochondria and are catalyzed by reaction-specific enzymes. Cellular respiration can be divided into several stages: Cellular respiration is a complex process that requires many different products and specialized molecules.

Focus on the requirements and overall net production for the major steps. Key Topics—Enzymes and Metabolism Remember that the AP Biology exam tests you on the depth of your knowledge, not just your ability to recall facts.

Chapters 1 5 notes ap biology

While we have provided brief definitions here, you will need to know these terms in even more depth for the AP Biology exam. An organic catalyst; typically, a protein Substrate: A substance that is acted upon by an enzyme Cofactor: An ion or molecule that helps to bind an enzyme to a substrate Coenzyme: An organic cofactor required for enzyme activity Vitamin: An organic nutrient required by organisms in small amounts to aid in proper metabolic processes; may be used as an enzymatic cofactor; because it is not synthesized, it must be obtained prefabricated in the diet Enzyme Regulation pH: A symbol that denotes the relative concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution:Home; Our District; Community.

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Click here to download Chapter Title Objectives Lecture Outlines Chapter 1 Introduction: Themes in the Study of Life Chapter 2 Chemical Context of Life Chapter 3 Water & the Fitness of the Environment Chapter Continue reading "AP Biology Chapter Objectives & outlines".

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