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Definitions[ edit ] The Linux Information Project defines source code as: The notion of source code may also be taken more broadly, to include machine code and notations in graphical languages, neither of which are textual in nature.

Code writing aims

The Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy trains seekers in the knowledge of India's Culture and in the practice of Yoga as a general discipline for developing integral personality as well as human welfare.

The Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy Press prints the cultural and spiritual books as well as the periodicals and other literature of the Society.

code writing aims

The Sivananda Publication League caters to the public this valuable literature. The Free Literature Section distributes freely books and other literature to deserving seekers and aspirants the world over. The Charitable Hospital renders free medical service to the public and conducts periodical medical relief camps freely.

The Annapurna Annakshetra, which is the common kitchen of the Ashram, feeds about permanent residents, daily visiting Sadhaks and guests and pilgrims. The Guest House looks to the needs of the many visitors and guests visiting Sadhaks who come to the Ashram for spiritual guidance and Yoga training.

The Temples of worship hold prayers for the peace of the world, conduct regular worship and continue the recitation of the Divine Name throughout the 24 hours of the day, for the welfare of mankind. The two Monthly periodicals 'the Divine Life' in English and 'Divya Jeevan' in Hindi consist of articles on sublime philosophy and provide guidance of topical value to all the seekers and students of Yoga.

The Library furnishes reading of some the most precious books in philosophy, Yoga and culture in general. The Correspondence Section provides proper replies to countless queries that come from seekers all over the world in the various walks of life.

The Daily Satsanga held in the Ashram is a perennial source of inspiration to the souls that seek communion with inner peace. The Yoga Courses held in other parts of India, outside the Headquarters, in other Institutions and Organisations, are, again, channels of the much-needed inspiration to students, officials and people in general, the work which the Society carries on through its Yoga Instructors who travel for this purpose.

The Divine Life Conferences held indifferent places in India have become effective means of mustering in the moral and cultural forces of people and bringing them together for the purpose of achieving individual and social solidarity. The Cultural Tours conducted by the senior Swamis of the Ashram have become a byword to anxious seekers in India as well as in other countries, who are benefited immensely by the teachings, discourses and personal guidance provided by the Swamis travelling for this purpose.


The Personal Guidance which the senior Swamis at the Headquarters render in a paternal way to hundreds of people coming to the Ashram from the various countries in the world has been ever giving a healing touch to the tension-ridden personalities in society.

The Daily Meditation sessions are a practical mobilisation of mental and soul-force for re-construction of the human personality towards the various noble purposes in life. The Annual Sadhana Weeks are Spiritual Camps held in the Ashram, to which hundreds flock in eagerness for cultural and spiritual rejuvenation of their minds and hearts.


The Educational Activities of the Society consist in helping poor and deserving students, about a thousand in number right from the primary standard to the post-graduate level, by providing them free with the requisite facilities in their studies, as a gesture of the Ashram's goodwill towards the welfare of people.

The Leprosy Relief Work of the Society is so well-known that it has always been regarded as part and parcel of the love extended by the Society to some or more leper-patients who are rehabilitated and taken care of in a suitable manner.

The Social Service Wing attends to such services as medical aid to the poor and needy, contribution towards different relief works in the country, and such other gestures of charity as would relieve the sufferings of people, in some measure, from poverty, disease and ignorance.

The Society has several Branchesfunctioning in India as well as in other countries. The Daily Programme of the Ashram at the Headquarters include Group Prayers and Meditation early in the morning; Worship in the temples three times daily; Practise of Yoga Exercises in the forenoon and in the afternoon; Discourses on Yoga, Vedanta and the Bhagavad Gita, daily; regular Meditation Session in the evening; and General Satsanga at night; in addition to the Services rendered through the Departments of Activity mentioned above.

These services and activities of the Ashram are so conceived and conducted that they form a vehicle for the expression of the spiritual aspirations of seekers and become a venue for manifesting in practical life the broad-based spiritual ideal of the Oneness of God, the brotherhood of creation and the immortality of the Soul.Welcome to Fresh Essays.

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code writing aims

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