Comparison where the wild things

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Comparison where the wild things

There are constant changes in books and even more so in movies. Movies are remade and digitally altered to be more appealing to the people watching. Good movies are turned into books and more often good books are turned into movies. Sometimes audiences are disappointed in the change from a book to a movie like the first three Twilight movies.

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The Twilight books got people hooked, and the movies were just eh. Other times the movie remake of a book is just as good as the book if not better like the Harry Potter movies, or the Lord of the Rings.

One of the most amazing transformations from a book to a movie, in my opinion is Where The Wild Things Are. There is a lot of controversy over the movie, but there is a reason why so many changes had to be done during the creation of the movie.

One of the biggest changes done to the story is the addition of many extra scenes that were not in the book.

Comparison where the wild things

They also extended scenes to make them longer, like the scene of the wild rumpus that was two pages long in the book and was much longer in the movie. The changes had to be done in order for the book to be turned into a full length movie. The producers also made changes that made the movie more appealing to a different audience.

The movie is also a little scarier, there is much more hatred, violence and depression which makes it more appealing to an older audience, from teens to adults. They probably did this because making the movie more appealing to a larger audience brings in more revenue. Other changes were made to the movie because they just made more sense.

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For example it makes more sense that Max gets angry with him mom, runs away and finds the boat that takes him to the wild things than it does that his room just began to turn into the forest. Also, in the book when Max finally gets more he has a hot bowl or porridge waiting for him, while in the movie he has a slice of cake.The next unrated installment of the Wild Things Franchise!

When the son of a wealthy womanizer is killed in a race car accident, the investigating detective is pulled into a steamy world of seduction, greed and double-crossing beyond his wildest imagination.

Transcript of Multi-Media Project: Where the Wild Things Are Adriane Cooper Characters Plot Place/Time Additions to the Movie Where the Wild Things Are is a very short children's book. Since it was turned into a full-length movie, many details were added to the story.

Comparison Where The Wild Things Are Book And Movie. 21, Analysis of: Where the Wild Things Are “Forget every sugary kid-stuff cliché Hollywood shoves at you. The defiantly untamed Where the Wild Things Are is a raw and exuberant mind-meld between Maurice Sendak. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Wild Things at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

From The Community Dave Eggers's "The Wild Things," which was a novelization of the screenplay he and Spike Jonze wrote for the film made from the Maurice Sendak book we all know and love. All logos are the trademark & property of their owners and not Sports Reference LLC.

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Comparison where the wild things
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