Dorset sheep

Dorset Dorset Sheep Breed Information, History and Facts Dorset sheep are famous for their lambing abilities since they are a breed which can lamb up to two times each year. It is also possible for Dorset sheep to lamb year-round as many Dorset ewes don't pause their estrus cycle during the warmer months the way other sheep do. This makes them the ideal breed of sheep to use as the foundation for commercial ewe flocks - providing farmers with the flexibility to lamb at any time of year and to maximize profits by producing more crops of lambs each year. InHorned Dorsets were first introduced to the United States where polled Dorsets Dorsets without horns were later developed due to dominant polled genes.

Dorset sheep

Prior to that I had raised commercial sheep and then raised Suffolks and Polled Dorsets. I started in the sheep business in commercially and started in purebreds in with Suffolks. In I added Polled Dorsets which eventually led to selling off the Suffolk flock. The Dorsets' ability to breed out of season coupled with their mothering and milking ability gave them quite an edge in profitability.

The Horned Dorset had always appealed to me but were not readily available in Western Canada so I held off for awhile. In I had some Horned lambs born to polled parents, rekindling the wish to try Horned Dorsets. In I purchased some registered sheep from Brian Cathcart.

Throughout the years I have added genetics from many Ontario breeders as well as purchasing the majority of the Cox Creek flock from Quebec. I also purchased a ram from Greg Marshall in Nova Scotia.

Perhaps the most important genetic acquisition has been the purchase of semen from New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The ram from Greg Marshall was a ram he had purchased from William Crowson.

This ram was the result of semen that had been imported from the Poorton flock in the United Kingdom. So when I went looking for another bloodline, it wasn't long until I was in contact with Francis Fooks, the owner of the Poorton Flock. I was able to make a deal to get semen from his best proven flock sire, Poorton W Through artificial insemination, we have addded these great genetics to our flock.

Dorset sheep

Always on the lookout for different bloodlines that are proven, who knows where our search will lead to next. My goal is to find superior genetics and then linebreed to them to help instill it in my flock as a breeding line.

In this way I not only get the outcross but also can preserve the bloodline for future use. We have not shown very much in recent years as the top show ring sheep are often not the type that I feel are the profitable kind for the commercial producer.

However, we try to show or perhaps rather display our sheep at the All Canada Classic. My son, Rocky, has also done quite well showing Horned Dorsets in the junior shows. Most recently he won the T.

Check our sale barn for current listings. History and breed facts: The exact history of the Horned Dorset is not real clear. History tells that the Spanish wished to conquer England, perhaps at this time Merinos were introduced to Southwest England.

Crossing with the Horned Sheep of Wales may have resulted in the start of the Horned Dorset, a desirable all-purpose sheep. Whatever the true beginning was, thus began a breed of sheep which spread over Dorset, Somerset, Devon, and most of Wales, which were called Horned Dorsets.

In Dorsets from England were exhibited in Chicago. This seems to have been one of the first importations to the Eastern United States. They were born to Horned parents, a mutation is believed to have occurred in their sire.

However it wasn't until that they were accepted into the Continental Dorset Club registry. Thus began the era of the Polled Dorset which led to the Horned Dorset reaching a level of being rare. My belief is that despite the characteristics of Polled Dorsets being similar to Horned Dorsets, the comparison is somewhat hard to make.

The Polled Dorsets have been selected quite heavily for the show ring and either through neglect to select for out of season breeding or questionable genetics, they have lost some of what has made Dorsets so highly sought after.

Both Horned and Polled Dorsets are a white sheep of medium size with good length of body and excellent muscling.HUNTER DORSETS are owned by the Jeff Hunter Family of Indiana. We are located just off I about an hour north of Indianapolis and 2 hours south of Chicago.

We have had Dorsets since Our Dorset flock was created from buying out two different breeders. They were closed flocks that were selected for important production traits.

Only two outside rams were used prior to the closing of our. Sheep Breeds D - F. Dalesbred The Dalesbred is found in Upper Wharfdale and Central Pennines in England.

The breed originated from the .

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Dorset sheep are famous for their lambing abilities since they are a breed which can lamb up to two times each year. It is also possible for Dorset sheep to lamb year-round as many Dorset ewes don't pause their estrus cycle during the warmer months the way other sheep do.

Dorset sheep

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