Government in america

Our report earlier this year about how Americans think about privacy and sharing personal information was a capstone of this two-and-a-half-year effort that examined how people viewed not only government surveillance but also commercial transactions involving the capture of personal information. Soon after the Snowden leaks surfaced, Americans were almost equally divided in a survey over whether the leaks had served or harmed the public interest.

Government in america

My apology for the website being down overnight. Click the Info link above to get details. The Enemy is risen and on the march. You best get off your dead ass and do something NOW Christian!

Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless students standing up for their right to be safe; marching and organizing to remake the world as it should be. The irony of all these left-wingers actually condoning the abortion murder of babies, of course, is completely missed in all this.

What none of these children are being told, of course, is that Hitler took away gun rights from the Jews before exterminating six million of them in the Holocaust.

Yes, YouTube is now running interference for David Hogg, making sure his public image is squeaky clean while he ravages gun owners with the most deranged, foul-mouth language imaginable.

It seems like Hogg might actually wants more children to be murdered so that he can get more air time on CNN to push his radical, fascist-like Third Reich call for disarming all the people he personally hates and wants to destroy. Watch his video below, which has been repeatedly banned by YouTube.

Tube appears to carry this video at this link: Lauren Hogg, the younger sister of David Hogg and surprisingly not verified on Twitter, has created special armbands for gun control advocates to wear to school, the March For Our Lives demonstration, and anywhere else you think you can wear it and not get embarrassed.

The band, of course, is to be worn on your arm, and the symbol in the middle resembles a peace sign. But does it really?

Government in america

If the Hogg armband for gun control looks familiar, it should: The complete disarmament of all law-abiding Americans.

What kind of revolution? A violent revolution, of course. David Hogg the next Joseph Goebbels? Both of these figures were heralded by state-run media; both invoke dangerous language of hatred, violence and profanity; and both demand that We the People give up our liberties so that the fascist tyrants can have absolute power and control over everything.

Hogg, of course, is too young and ignorant to realize any of this, but he is proclaimed to have almost saint-like status by the anti-gun left-wing media, which despises individual liberties, truth, logic and reason. The very fact that their No.

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Seriously, this lunatic is the best they can drum up? Nobody seems to have told David Hogg that his outrageous rantings and foul-mouthed attacks on gun owners line up almost perfectly with Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung and all the other gun control tyrants that have committed genocide and mass murder throughout history: If David Hogg wins, America LOSES… and we will all be marched off in chains for daring to protect ourselves against criminals If you look at the people in history who supported gun rights for individuals, you find a fascinating cross-section of humanitarians and freedom-loving world leaders who changed the world for the better.

All these people sought to strip away individual liberties and enslave their citizens under government control. Taking away their guns was, of course, the first step toward accomplishing that.

Either way, people like Hogg are malicious, dangerous crybullies who have been witnessed throughout history pushing aggressive rhetoric in a run-up to mass genocide and mass murder at the hands of government.The home of the U.S.

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Government in america

Here you will find data, tools, and resources to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications, design data visualizations, and more. The government of the United States of America is a constitutional federal republic.

It functions as a democracy and a republic because citizens elect individuals to represent them, and a majority vote determines laws. The U.S.

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Constitution The foundation of the . USAJOBS is the Federal Government's official one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information. Jan 01,  · Framing its content within a "politics matters" theme and offering practice tests bound into the back of the book, "Government in America, Brief Study Edition "illustrates the impact that government has on the daily lives of each and every American, motivating students to become active participants in all aspects of our political system/5.

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