Hometown malaysia

Good salary in Malaysia What would be considered a good salary in Malaysia? I am thinking of relocating to KL, and need an idea of what would be considered a good salary to maintain a heathly living standard i. You can, with equal ease, spend RM1, a month here or RM15, a month.

Hometown malaysia

Welcome to der Family: Wherever we wish to go, it would be either by walking or bicycle, anything further than 5km we would go on our scooters. Until I finished my tertiary studies, then graduate from the law school, worked in corporate, Hometown malaysia is more of a pass time than a passion.

And I came to know that, there is even big events like ultra marathons that people run at these elevations for days. Then I started to ask myself, How about me, can I run?

Hometown malaysia

If I ever start running, how far can I go? Returning to my country, I began to engage myself in Hometown malaysia interests groups, learned how to run short distances and little bit here and there about the running shoes and apparels from some senior runners.

Just like anyone else, the journey was difficult, never been running frequently, or I shall said seriously since young, and had to start to awaken all these long hibernated muscles day by day. At that time, a marathon is still a goal far from my reach, something that I would never dream of to achieve.

And I stayed on doing weekly running and started to participate in short 10 km races. It took me 3 hours to finish the race and I had to remove my wrongly sized shoes towards the final 10km.

That race had given me a heads up of what I would be expecting to happen if I am not fit to be ready for a 42km run, so I start to focus on my running postures, nutrition planning and running gears. Basically it is not a one size fit all formula, I learned to find the right gears and apparels and nutrition plans that fits my physical fitness, feet sizes.

Then I decided to sign up KL Standard Charted Marathon, one of the iconic marathon event in Malaysia, a race big enough to motivate me to do my virgin marathon. Doing marathon is whole new level of preparation, I learned from books, friends, to plan systematically my weekly running programs towards the race day.

In between I put in some B races with 15km, 21km and 30km just to get my body used to these sort of distances. And the D day came on May, I successfully crossed the finishing arch after 6 hours and 15 minutes from the start time, although just an insignificant participant in the world of marathon, but a big leap in the heart of this small town girl.

The race had taught me newer lessons, newer experiences on the areas that I need to improve, and of course, giving me much confidence to look at other marathon races - in the world.

Watergate 16hrs Ultra Looping 50km Jan 18 Twincity FM Jan 18 Melaka OD Triathlon Apr 18 Penang Eco 55km May 18 Hulu Langat Marathon Jul 18 Karak Shilinmen Trail Run 13km Aug 18 Challenge Iskandar Puteri km Sept 18 Gunung Semangkok 32km m Apr 18 Gunung Merbabu Indonesia m.


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Welcome to beautiful Kota Kinabalu! A modern capital with a warm hospitality that you hardly find in many places around the world. Know More. Malaysia's newly-elected Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad addresses civil servants from the Prime Minister's office during his first assembly in Putrajaya on May 21, Jul 11,  · I am currently renouncing my Malaysia citizenship at High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore.

I had been referring to this website/blog and it had helped me a lot but it was a blog written in and I thought it would be helpful if I had it updated. Documents to bring.

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