How to write a feature article based on an interview

Well actually today I have been creating an application that could be easily plugged into a host application.

How to write a feature article based on an interview

One day all of a sudden your wife asks -"Darling, do you remember all anniversary surprises from me?

DOT NET TRICKS: Steps to write a plugin based application with MEF

This simple question puts your life into danger. To save your life, you need to Recall all 12 anniversary surprises from your memory. Thus, Recall R is the ratio of number of events you can correctly recall to the number of all correct events.

Howeveryou might be wrong in some cases. For instance, you answer 15 times, 10 times the surprises you guess are correct and 5 wrong. Precision is the ratio of number of events you can correctly recall to a number of all events you recall combination of wrong and correct recalls.

Regularizations in statistics or in the field of machine learning is used to include some extra information in order to solve a problem in a better way. In the example shown above H0 is a hypothesis.

So in L1 variables are penalized more as compared to L2 which results into sparsity. In other words, errors are squared in L2, so model sees higher error and tries to minimize that squared error. Seasonality in time series occurs when time series shows a repeated pattern over time.

Differentiating a time series is generally known as the best method of removing seasonality from a time series. Before we start, let us understand what are false positives and what are false negatives. False Positives are the cases where you wrongly classified a non-event as an event a.

And, False Negatives are the cases where you wrongly classify events as non-events, a. In medical field, assume you have to give chemo therapy to patients.

Your lab tests patients for certain vital information and based on those results they decide to give radiation therapy to a patient.

What will happen to him? Assuming Sensitivity is 1 One more example might come from marketing. Now what if they have sent it to false positive cases?

THE READING ROOM: An excellent example of an interview-based local feature

Due to shortage of staff they decided to scan passenger being predicted as risk positives by their predictive model. What will happen if a true threat customer is being flagged as non-threat by airport model? Another example can be judicial system.

how to write a feature article based on an interview

What if Jury or judge decide to make a criminal go free? In the banking industry giving loans is the primary source of making money but at the same time if your repayment rate is not good you will not make any profit, rather you will risk huge losses.

In this scenario both the false positives and false negatives become very important to measure. These days we hear many cases of players using steroids during sport competitions Every player has to go through a steroid test before the game starts.

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A false positive can ruin the career of a Great sportsman and a false negative can make the game unfair. Validation set can be considered as a part of the training set as it is used for parameter selection and to avoid Overfitting of the model being built.

On the other hand, test set is used for testing or evaluating the performance of a trained machine leaning model. In simple terms ,the differences can be summarized as- Training Set is to fit the parameters i.In my work as a freelance writer/editor, the type of assignment I enjoy most is writing feature articles for magazines.

Not only do I get to delve into a wide variety of topics, but I get to talk. Nov 26,  · An excellent example of an interview-based local feature Commitscion Dipankar Paul (Class of ), The interview is up on the MSN website: read this book to learn to write plain English.

50 Facebook rants to make you think about bad English vs good English; Chronicle of a death foretold: "And then they came for me". CIO Magazine issue index of issues and subscriber information. Nicole Perlman’s interest in space started early — and with the help of real-life rocket scientists.

When she was growing up in Boulder, Colo., in what she calls “a very nerdy family,” her. It looks like you’re trying to find a page that may have been moved or not longer exists.

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Newspaper, magazine or Web articles about a specific person or organization are called personal profiles. While profiles do not carry the same urgency as hard, breaking news, they are interesting, descriptive biographical pieces.

To write your profile, you'll start .

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