Issue tree of boldflash cross functional challenges the mobile division

Cross-Functional Challenges in the Mobile Division What is it about the current organization design and product development process that fosters the problems of coordination we see in the case Adding two additional Managing Directors could be a solution. One Managing Director that could ensure that Manufacturing and Product Development are working as a team to ensure maximum efficiency in creating and manufacturing new products. The other Managing Director that could be responsible for Sales and Marketing to ensure the two divisions are working as a team. Cahill seems to be overwhelmed with dealing with four Directors.

Issue tree of boldflash cross functional challenges the mobile division

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BoldFlash is capable of producing high quality of product. In addition, it has large number of patents.

Issue tree of boldflash cross functional challenges the mobile division

BoldFlash was also recognized and rewarded for its innovations. It has strong research base and has a pool of talented and experienced employees in every field. BoldFlash lacks strong corporate culture and has no customer-centric product development, as well as products are not being developed according to the customers; needs.

Despite strong research ability, the company still does not serve the need of customers. Its rate of improving products is also slow than its competitors. BoldFlash lacks strong competitive culture due to lack of communication.

It has huge potential to hire intelligent and research scientists. BoldFlash can charge premium price due to its existing reputation in terms of quality and innovation. There is a constant scope of new innovation due to the diversity in industry.

BoldFlash can be leveraged to promote competition as inter-plant rivalry is high.

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New market entrants can get significant market share due to tablet miss, low customer satisfaction and high production cost. Intra-industry competition is very high which makes the bargaining power of suppliers very low.

There is high threat of new entrants as products are highly undifferentiated. BoldFlash is now focusing towards intensive strategy for new innovative product development. It is also focusing on market development strategy in terms of tablet miss. Functional level strategies are found to be inappropriate as the departments lack effective communication as the sales department does not need to consult other functional departments while making proposals.

On the other hand, the marketing department has failed to find customers for its products. BoldFlash was facing challenges due to its inability to understand the market needs as well as its employees.

The miss in the tablet market had really distressed the employees, therefore BoldFlash developed chips for mobile phone market however it has missed its critical market in storage devices for tablets. As a result, this gave its competitors an advantage in growth market.

In addition, BoldFlash has failed to build a strong corporate culture. Moreover, people are engage in their own competition which has made the situation more complex. The position of the company is deterioratingdue to low growth rate with high prices and high cost of production.

In departments, particularly in marketing department, the the roles and duties were not defined clearly which caused problem to understand the environment. The lackof experienced marketing specialist also posed serious problem in understanding the tasks. Difficulty in working as a team Primary Problem: The primary problem that BoldFlash had faced was the conflicts and communication gap between the employees and department functions.

Despite he had good analytical skills, he was unable to resolve the dilemma. He shuffled the employees, which caused great competition between them. Due to ethnic differences, the managers became a competitive group……………. This is just a sample partial work. Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution Related Case Solutions:Patents, presentations, academic papers Conflicts arising from Sub-divisional goals vs.

Mobile division goals Conflicting performance metrics lead to competitive efforts Concerned only about their own goals at the expense of the other sub-divisions. Boldflash: Cross-Functional Challenges in the Mobile Division Grief Programs: Native Americans and Death Free And Open Trade Policies, Liberal Business Environment And Good Economic Order.

Bold Flash” Cross-Functional Challenges in the Mobile Division Purvi Shah November 5, What industry needs – Industry is expected to grow from $20B in to $44B in BoldFlash: Cross-Functional Challenges in the Mobile Division, Spanish Version Case Solution,BoldFlash: Cross-Functional Challenges in the Mobile Division, Spanish Version Case Analysis, BoldFlash: Cross-Functional Challenges in the Mobile Division, Spanish Version Case Study Solution, Roger Cahill has depleted less than a year of his time as head of the Mobile Division of BoldFlash, a .

By: Parker, Glenn M., Training & Development, , Oct94, Vol. 48, Issue 10 Database: Academic Search Complete HTML Full Text CROSS-FUNCTIONAL COLLABORATION Contents 1. The diversity of cross - functional teams can both benefit and hinder team performance. MNO Management & Organization Organizational Structure and Design [Chapter 8] Key Points • Explain how differentiation and integration influence an organization’s structure • Summarize how authority operates • Discuss how span of control affects structure and managerial.

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