Malaysias and australias educational systems compared essay

The day is going to come when the pharmaceutical model will collapse. They own Congress, basically, said Adams.

Malaysias and australias educational systems compared essay

How about irradicating religion from the human psyche. Any one that provides a cure for the God Delusion deserves a Noble prize. Posted by anti-green, Friday, 4 May I hope that you are correct in your asssessment.

Malaysias and australias educational systems compared essay

I also entirely agree that the availability of information via the Internet is going of make any of these totalatarian isms highly vulnerable to never ending questionining and analysis. Perhaps it might also lead to the followers of Islam being a bit more productive to the betterment of Human kind.

Their current ranking in terms of Nobel Prizes, patents, literature music, arts and sciences is abysmal. Even their hated enemy the Israelis produce more of the above than the whole 1.

So there is a long way to go. Posted by bigmal, Friday, 4 May But in the eyes of moslems it is a truce to allow moslems to gather strength and when strong enough they resume their attack.

There are many many more worries but the last is moslems hatred of democracy and their drive to institute brutal savage barbaric sharia law and a rule by imams in the place of democracy. Moslems will have a hard road ahead to show that they are really for change as every day on TV or in the press we see moslem barbarism and savagery in one form or another.

Regards, numbat Posted by numbat, Friday, 4 May I hope yours is one of the first. Who dominate by numbers. Posted by RobbyH, Friday, 4 May 3: It is still not accepted by our majority, even when told it was the invasion of the said Middle East by Alexander the Great, which besides conquest left the wonderful message of not only scientific reasoning to the Middle but also the philosophical reasoning that is so much needed today to tone down the faith not only of Islam, but also much of our Western Christianity.

Proof of the wonderment is the story of the Great Library of Alexander, later built in honour to Alexander who had also been a pupil of Aristotle, and which according to historians, housed more Jewish pupils than of any other religion.

Some philosophers even suggest that even the young Jesus may have studied there. One could go on about the naughty French monk Peter Abelard carrying the message of academic to the West, later picked up by Thomas Aquinas, who as well as accepting the need for reason as a quietener for faith, was also later made a Saint.

Much much more there is, for people who will humble themselves to listen, because such carries the message both sides so much need today.

Incidently, it was the English philosopher John Locke who made clear, that without reason, religous faith will never make sense.

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Also Locke still stayed a declared Christain. Posted by bushbred, Friday, 4 May 3: Let me appeal to the concept of memes. A term introduced by Richard Dawkins. A meme is a cultural entity, a piece of information that passes from one human mind to another and in the process is associated with other memes and may be passed on as a group or a meme family.

A religion, a scientific theory, a song, an opera, a story and so on can all be considered as meme families. There is a clear analogy here with say a virus which is an assembly of genes. Some viruses such as small pox are highly infectious, and are considered to rank as highly dangerous pathogens. Likewise religion can considered as a pathogenic collection of memes.

Smallpox was eliminated by a world wide program of vaccination. By analogy the tools required to vaccinate against religion are satire, humour, ridicule and intense lampooning.J&R: Computers.

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The relationship has matured into one of our most important in the region despite differences in our systems and political values. On 10 November , Australia is a leading educational destination for Vietnamese students, with around 22, Vietnamese students in Australia (YTD April ).

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The deployment of coalition troops and advanced weapons systems by the US, NATO, and its partners are occurring simultaneously in all major regions of the World. The actions of the US military off the coast of North Korea in , including the conduct of war games, are part of a global design.

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