Moo cow frozen yogurt

I just drank a bottle of Moo Cow Blueberry yogurt drink… yummss satisfied and now I can continue to blog. During the visit we also learn about how to make yogurt and of course laa…. Each of us has different colurs and I got blue, like it. After that the Moo Cow team members presented and shared with us about the history, nutritious information, the benefits of yogurt and last but not least we learn how to make yogurt in their manufacturing plant.

Moo cow frozen yogurt

How are you today? Hope everything goes well at your end. Have you heard of Moo Cow? I bet you did. Moo Cow is actually a yummy and healthy frozen yogurt brand. So, you could enjoy yummy dessert that is good for your body.

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Guess what, Moo Cow is actually a Malaysian product and was founded in yearwithin just few years it have successfully melt the hearts of many yogurt lovers. I personally believe that more to come, considering the growth rate. Hope there will be more and more outlets so that many Moo cow frozen yogurt could be able to enjoy this yummy goodness.

You can check out, the nearest outlet to you just by checking their website. Anyway, lets get back to my experience visiting their factory. Thanks to Butterfly Project, 10 butterflies get the chance to have a close encounter and learn more about the process of making Moo Cow yogurt.

I am very excited trough out the whole session, as it is not everyday you get the chance to see how it is made right infront of your eyes.

This trip reminded me of a school trip! All of us gathered at one of Moo Cow outlets at Publika that morning. Like all the other outlets, I love how cute and funky their shop is.

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

So colourful and fun. As we arrived, we do what bloggers do best. We SNAP pictures and camwhore!! It is the yogurt drink by Moo Cow. It like the taste of the drinks, as it is not too sweet and healthy way to start our day. Right after that, we were chauffeured by van to the factory.

Everyone looks so happy with the presence of Mamalia.

Moo cow frozen yogurt

Once again, picture time. We get to hug and take lots of pictures. As I step in, I am amazed by the super cute interior design of the place. It brings out such a fun, friendly and happy mood.

Cliford greet us and explain to us more about yogurt. I found that the session is quite beneficial as I learn great amount of info about yogurt.

Do you know that the word yogurt comes from Turkey and refers to a tart, thick milk. Yogurt does not have one single origin, however. It can be found in nearly every culture that kept animals for milk. It was likely discovered in similar ways in each region.

When fresh milk is left in a container with friendly bacteria, the milk thickens and develops a delicious sour taste.

The lactic acid produced by the fermentation also acts as a preservative, helping the cultured milk stay pleasant longer.Aug 01,  · Moo Cow sells frozen yogurt of several varieties of flavours, including a weird and daring attempt of ice kacang flavour.

Like baskin robins, you can ask for a trial on the flavours before deciding. And they are generous with the trial portions.

Moo cow frozen yogurt

Moo Creamery, Food business in Bakersfield. See up-to-date pricelists and view recent announcements for this attheheels.comry: Food, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt. Moo Cow distinct frozen yogurts are freshly churned from natural ingredients and flavours, coupled with detailed R&D process to ensure that only the best frozen yogurts of high quality will delight Moo Cow lovers’ taste buds.

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The name is so ingrained in my head that Moo Cow is Moo Moo Cow haha! Anyways, I wasn't a big fan of froyo to begin with. But after tasting my first gulp at Moo Cow, I thought gosh, no yogurt has ever tasted so good before.3/51 Yelp review. Chakri CNY Thai Yee Sang Posted by Food Promotions On Jan - Early Bird Offers!

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