San miguel csr

The company endeavors to prevent pollution and minimize waste through the implementation of a number of environmental policies related to energy efficiency, water resource conservation, waste management and reduction of CO2 emission in all our units. We are likewise committed to continuously train and encourage all our employees to be more environmentally conscious. As a global business, our biggest contribution to our communities is through the social and economic impact of creating jobs and providing businesses to numerous suppliers and business partners. Furthermore, our engagement with the community ranges from activities related to education, health, religious groups and social development, as we endeavor to make a meaningful change in thecommunities where we live and work.

San miguel csr

Home Who we are Corporate Social Responsibility For San Miguel Corporation, integrity, teamwork, respect for others and social responsibility are just a few of its corporate values that guide them everyday.

San miguel csr

Through its corporate social responsibility arm, San Miguel Foundation Incorporated, San Miguel Corporation proactively reaches out to others to bring forth change that will enable communities to live better lives. Environmental Stewardship As most of our operations depend on natural resources, we share in the responsibility for environmental protection and sustainable development.

We have conducted coastal and creek clean-ups, as well as the San miguel csr of tree seedlings, around the country, particularly in our various host communities.

Community Development Our community development programs aim to help leaders in our host communities recognize and develop their full potential. Through leadership and resource management training programs, community leaders are aided in improving the quality of their local government and reaching strong community life.

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Education Education is a means by which our countrymen can lead more productive lives and contribute to their families and society. Aside from feeding programs for children, we also have community clinics that serve patients suffering from various ailments such as diabetes, tuberculosis and other cardiovascular diseases, and hold medical missions that give free medical and dental health services.

Livelihood Development To generate livelihood among families and communities, we promote entrepreneurship by encouraging them to engage in small but innovative businesses.

Among the livelihood projects we have implemented is Kawang-gawa, a cooking demo and livelihood training initiative. Disaster Management The Philippines has long been prone to natural disasters, which in recent years have become more and more destructive, affecting tens of thousands of lives and causing billions in economic damage.

Through all of these calamities, we stand committed to immediate response and action; lastalmost a quarter of our CSR spending went to helping more than 75, families affected by calamities through relief goods, soup kitchens and socialized housing.

We engage our employees in these worthwhile causes, so that in their own small way, they too can contribute to a better Philippines.In , the company's name was changed to San Miguel Corporation (SMC) and moved to a new head office along Ayala Avenue in Makati.

Andrés Soriano died on December 30, At the time of his death, Soriano had parlayed his family's vast San Miguel fortune into mining, dairies, factories, a newspaper and a radio station. San Miguel Brewery Inc. 40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines P.O.

Box Manila, Central Post Office Philippines Facebook Twitter. Sep 17,  · Vemos llegar ascendente a San Miguel a la CSR SDD7 B el viernes 7 de septiembre de a las hs. El andén está repleto debido a que la formación an. COMMUNITY PLUS (CSR) Charity As a responsible corporate citizen, San Miguel is dedicated to support charitable and non-profit organizations.

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We coordinate closely with various district boards, welfare associations and government departments to ensure the widest coverage and maximum benefits to those concerned.

We proactively identify those. At each stage, safety processes are given necessary to maintain quality of the fruit.

The harvest is done in two ways: a) With pliers: When the destination is the packaging of fresh, is stripped from the tree with pliers and transported in bins.

Corporate Social Responsibility Sharing our plate with others As a corporate citizen, the San Miguel Food Group recognizes its responsibility in helping create a better world, starting with the areas where the business operates.

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