Should tv commercials be removed

The tv commercials are dominating the majority of the program on every channel. I was once a big tv guy, but I have cut my television hours by 80 percent, because of the excessive commercials. No matter what channel you switch to, there is a seventy percent chance it will be at a commercial, or be going to commercial within sixty seconds.

Should tv commercials be removed

Removing commercials using mythfrontend Editing Recordings The recording editor allows you to mark areas of the recording to skip over during playback. Once you edit a recording, you can transcode the recording to permanently remove the cut areas from the recording file. If you would like the transcoder to permanently remove any portions of the recording--including commercials or the lead in prior to a show or the overrun at the end of a show--you must first edit the recording.

Physically cut the commercials or video segments from the recordings. For best performance, you should match the audio to the 'Default' profile. If you plan to only use the manual transcoder, you can choose to set the video to be the same as the default profile too as long as it is MPEG-4 or RTjpeg Note: Even though MythTV 0.

You can only edit the existing profiles. This is a feature that was partially implemented but hasn't been finished.

The transcoder can be used in two ways: Automatically re-encode every file once it has completed recording. After marking commercials, the transcoder can be run manually to delete the commercials from the file thus further saving space.

The two methods are independent. You can transcode a recording that has already been transcoded, for example to cut a further section with no loss in quality provided you are going from and to the same format.

To enable automatic transcoding, do the following: Everything should now be setup properly. If you elected to use the Auto-Run feature, the transcoder will automatically launch after each recording is complete.

The transcoder thread runs at a low priority, so it should not impact any critical tasks or other recordings. If you want to manually transcode a program, simply press while watching a recording and select Transcode you should have already finished marking all commercials and creating your Cut List with the Recording editor.

If you change your mind press and select Stop Transcoding. Once the transcode is complete, mythbackend will replace the old file with the new as soon as it is no longer in use.

Removing commercials from the command-line You can also remove commercials using the command-line utilities mythcommflag and mythtranscode.

You must have already flagged commercials for this option to work. Use mythcommflag to create a cut list by using mythcommflag --gencutlist Then use mythtranscode to transcode the recording using the cut list with mythtranscode --honorcutlist You will need the additional standard options to both programs to choose the proper program based on filename or channel and time.

Look at the --help output from each program for details on using these options Automatically removing commercials In the 0.

Using this function, you could create a wrapper script for transcoding after commercial flagging that would use the command-line options outlined above. One such way to implement this is to setup a User Job that uses this script.

Name the user job "Commercial Removal". You can now remove commercials by highlighting the recording in the recording list, hitting the right arrow, selecting "Job Options", and then selecting "Begin Commercial Removal".

You may also set up your recordings to automatically run this script after a recording finishes. For more information on doing this, see the User Manual. Update All Recordings If you want to update all your recordings to automatically remove commercials, you could use the following SQL statement: Troubleshooting Transcode error - Transcode failed with status: From the Myth lets performers, their representatives and employers quickly calculate the appropriate use fee for featured players in TV commercials based on the established, industry-endorsed method approved by the Personal Managers' Association, the Association of Model Agents and British Actor's Equity.

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Should tv commercials be removed

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