Social problem in hindi in india

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Social problem in hindi in india

From the ancient times, many of the issues are happening in the country by the Indian Civilisation is about five thousand years of age. It is very natural society from the ancient times and it will also be very old and complex. India has got the many experiences from the long period of history and India has received and witnessed by the several waves of immigrants such as Aryans, Muslims etc.

Social issues have majorly taken place in India and it refers today affairs by many of the roots in the diversity of religion. In India, there are many of the language, region, culture and caste. Most of the people of India are really attached to some specific religion, but some of the people are totally opposite from them.

They are diverse by the many from each other, so it is the big social issue of the India. It is extremely developing in the country by making the diverse of culture, people, beliefs and languages, which may have come from anywhere but it becomes the vast part of the country.

Social problem in hindi in india

Causes of the Social issues There are many causes of the social issues in India, which brings the complex of problem, along with India, in every society of the world has their social issues unique to their society Religious matter In the Indian cultures and society, there are many of the people are very religious in nature.

Our Indian society rooted in religious beliefs. The different type of religious may contains the social issues with adding to varieties of social culture in the country.

The social problem of India is mostly created by the religious beliefs and it is the main root of social issues. In the religious and cultures practices, there is the most possibility of the social issues and problems and it is also the origin of social practices.

The religious matter is developed over a long period of time and it is still continuing in the India as big social issues. Wars and attacks India has witnessed a large number of proportions in ancient times because that time many of the foreign invaders attacked India, but it was in history, which was for long period of time.

In the modern times, the social condition is becoming very poor by many of the wars by people of the country. During the long period of British rule, the social condition was also tried to force their socio-religious practices, which deteriorated to the social condition.

Under the British rule, the country has thrown the hardness and backwardness. In India, the social problem is developed over a long period of times and are still continuing in one form or other.

There are many reasons for social problems in India but it remains that we have these issues ad only we can solve them. Poverty Poverty is the very critical condition of the India and day by day it is increasing in India.

Poverty is that condition, where people unassisted from the household and they are surviving for food, cloth and shelter. Many of the people are belongs from the poor locality in India and it is continued since independence. Poverty is the prevalent concern and in the 21st century, poverty still present in India.

In India, there are the disparities between the haves and the have-nots, which both are extremely wide in India.

By the issue of poverty, the Indian economy is progressing in the country and it needs to take it in the last two decades. In the state of Gujarat and Delhi, the poverty level is high as compared to the Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

There is less number of shelter for the people because of a large number of population. In the village locality, there is also the shortage of water and poor people may also not have the knowledge of sanitation.

They are also not getting the education because there do not have any secondary school and also the lack of proper roads. There is also the comparison between the Dalits in the society and they are not included in the society.

Social problem in hindi in india

Illiteracy In India, the illiteracy creates very bad condition and lack of literacy is the main reason for an undeveloped country.

The illiterate population is largely possessed in India.The social problem of India is mostly created by the religious beliefs and it is the main root of social issues.

Social Issues in India - Reasons, Forms and Present Scenario

In the religious and cultures practices, there is the most possibility of the social issues and problems and it is also the origin of social practices. The Life Cycle of a Social Problem A social problem is a condition that a group of people view as being undesirable.

These can be a variety of different “problems.”They can occur in your community, school, church or any place that people interact with each other or an object. When a social problem arises there is a general way that they are.

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Hindi Government of India: Amol Sponsored by: Directorate of Film Festivals. Essay on the Social Problems of India in Hindi Article shared by Read this essay specially written for you on “Social Problems of India ” in Hindi language. In India, poverty is a foremost social problem. Nothing to speak of comforts the people here is deprived even of the basic necessities of life.

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