Techniques to improve academic writing

Task 1 is a letter and you must write at least words. You should spend about 20 minutes out of the hour for Task 1. Task 2 is an essay and you must write at least words. You should spend about 40 minutes for Task 2.

Techniques to improve academic writing

Total time varies from minutes depending on the length of your answers.

Infographic: Fix These 15 Grammar Spoofs And Improve Your Academic Writing

The examiner will ask you a series of questions about everyday topics such as work, study, hobbies, home, family or lifestyle. To answer the questions, you only need to provide the information asked for and perhaps add a supporting detail or two.

Where do you like to go in your free time? In this part of the IELTS speaking module, you will be shown some written instructions for an individual speaking task. You will have one minute to think about your answer, making notes if you prefer to do so.

You will then be asked to speak for one to two minutes. The question usually concerns a past or regular event in your life, or a goal for the future.

You should pay careful attention to the verb tenses used in the question and use matching tenses in your answer. Describe a person who has had an important influence on your life. How you first met this person What you think of this person And explain in what way they have influenced your life.

The examiner will not speak during this time so you must concentrate on speaking by yourself. The examiner will stop you if you continue speaking for more than two minutes.

This time, however, there is no preparation time so you must begin speaking immediately. You should aim to say as much as possible. Give more than one reason, or compare and contrast different views.

The longer your answers, the fewer questions you will need to answer. Do you think celebrities have too much influence on young people? When my parents where growing up, for example, there were only three TV channels and no internet, but nowadays young people are almost constantly exposed to news and entertainment.

However, it is not a test of your knowledge or intellect — you only need to be able to present an opinion in a style of language appropriate to academic discussion.

Are you able to keep talking without too much hesitation or repetition? Are you able to use a wide range of vocabulary and show some awareness of collocation? Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Are you able to use a variety of grammatical forms, including a mix of simple and complex sentences?

Are you able to pronounce words correctly and use speaking techniques such as intonation and contractions?Academic Coaching.

Meet with an academic coach to personalize your academic goals, course choices, and study skills. The IELTS Reading Academic module consists of three passages totalling approximately 2, words. The passages are similar to the kind of articles you might read in a general interest magazine covering serious topics like Nature or The Economist..

You have 60 minutes in which to read the three passages and answer 40 questions. 4 thoughts on “ How to Improve Your Writing Style in 10 Minutes or Fewer ” jotokai April 12, at pm. Wonderful. As an example of passive voice they provide an example where passive is perfect: a sentence discussing a cultural phenomenon.

The IELTS Speaking module is a face-to-face interview divided into three parts.

techniques to improve academic writing

The speaking module is the same in both the academic and general training versions of IELTS. Total time varies from minutes depending on the length of your answers. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing .

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