Why should we add an extra hour to school

Parents not happy over extra hour added to day at 52 elementary schools School board adds 11 Duval County schools to 41 already on state's list Posted: The state has mandated that the bottom schools in Florida add an extra hour of reading instruction to the school day. Florida Department of Education list of low-performing elementary schools The idea is to give children more time to learn how to read at grade level, but for some teachers and parents who lay out their schedules by the school day, the extra hour throws everything off.

Why should we add an extra hour to school

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But what if it isn't wor It looks like you've lost connection to our server. The waiver opens the door for cash-strapped school districts to use funds that now support afterschool and summer programs to merely add more time to the school day.

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Dec 02,  · Some of the funds required to add or more hours to the school calendar will come from shifting resources from existing federal programs, making use of the flexibility granted by waivers to No Child Left Behind.

All five states taking part in the initiative have . Secondary schools and colleges alike emphasize the importance of extracurricular activities, but sometimes it can be difficult for students to see just how the extra time and dedication will benefit them. Extra time does not necessarily translate into an extra hour of quality instruction, so schools should find ways to enrich education by rethinking the way the allotted time is used.

Why should we add an extra hour to school

They argue that instead of adding time, schools should add other learning experiences, such .

Facts About Extending the School Year | Dr Patricia Fioriello author