Writing articles functional skills checklist

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Writing articles functional skills checklist

Interaction Design 5 Summary: Dropdown boxes and menus are overused and clunky but can be useful for revealing a list of options or commands. Dropdowns clearly have their place in effective web design.

However, their overuse and misuse creates many usability problems and confusion. Designers employ dropdowns for a variety of different purposes, including: Command menus, which initiate an action based on the selected option Microsoft Word used a dropdown menu to show publishing commands when users clicked the Publish icon.

Navigation menus, which take users to a new location Harvard used dropdown menus to provide a list of links to the subcategories for each top-level category.

writing articles functional skills checklist

Form filling, which lets users select an option to enter into a form field Sunnyvale. This form used a dropdown to allow users to select a Building Type. Attribute selection, which lets users choose a value from a menu of possible values Adobe Color CC, a tool used to gather the RGB and HEX values for a set color palette, allowed users to choose a palette from a list of color rules.

Today, dropdown menus mostly cover the first two uses of dropdowns navigation and list of commandswhereas dropdown boxes are often the method of choice for form fill-in and attribute selection. Dropdown boxes generally look different than dropdown menus: This control tends to be supported by a field label or a title that takes the position of the first item in the dropdown box, so that it can be seen before making a selection.

Although MacOS and Windows have different dropdown implementations, in both cases the command menus are different from the attribute-selection menus.

In fact, the Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines explicitly recommends to not use dropdown menus for commands. Guidelines for Dropdown Design Dropdowns do have their advantages. First, they conserve screen space.

Because they are a standard widget even if an unpleasant oneusers know how to deal with them. And, when used in forms and for attribute selection, dropdown boxes prevent users from entering erroneous data, since they only show legal choices.


Despite these advantages, web usability would increase if designers used dropdowns less often. To that end, here are some design guidelines for dropdowns: Avoid interacting menus, wherein the options in one menu change when users select something in another menu on the same page. Users get very confused when options come and go, and it is often hard to make a desired option visible when it depends on a selection in a different widget.

The View menu contains different options depending on whether the Albums left or the Songs right option is selected in the Library side menu. Gray out any unavailable options instead of removing them: For extra UX credit, consider showing a short balloon help message if users hover over a grayed-out option for more than a second, explaining why that option is disabled and how to make it active.Did you ever have one of those book clubs where you spend most of your time drinking wine and talking.

Implementation checklist for functional communication training (FCT). Madison, WI: The National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Waisma n Center, University of Wisconsin.

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A resource suitable for GCSE or Functional Skills English (L2) that uses an image of an old lady as the basis of a series of activities for students to learn/embed the following: To understand how to quickly plan a piece of writing.

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