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Writing papers music

Click a star to vote! Music is an art form where musical sounds, organized in a specific manner, serve as the method of artistic image realization. Its main expressive means and elements are the following: Music is being fixed in musical notation and brought about in the process of performance.

There exists a division of songs into secular and sacred, or a cultic one the eldest, at present, is the music of the Buddhist ritual. Development of musical theory on musical notation and pedagogics is closely connected with European cultic music, which is usually called sacred.

According to the performing means, music is subdivided into instrumental, vocal-instrumental, and vocal singing.

Often, it is combined with cinema, choreography, and art.

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In addition, there is a difference between monothematic music monody and a polyphonic one homophony, polyphony. It is also subdivided into kinds and types, such as theatrical opera, etc. More or less, musical compositions possess relatively stable typical structures.

For better understanding, let us examine some musical genres: It is remarkable for strictly deliberate time, distinct rhythm, brisk and courageous character. This musical genre provides synchronous movement of a great number of people. Military marches are created for a field brass band. March is used in opera and ballet and, at the same time, as the single piece.

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The dead march is a particular variety of the marches. Symphony is a musical composition for philharmonic orchestra that is written in sonata cyclic form; usually, it consists of four parts.

Classical type of symphony has been formed at the end of 18th — beginning of 19th centuries. The suite is an instrumental cyclic musical composition that includes several contrasting parts.

writing papers music

In the meantime, it is worthy to learn more about a notion of musical form. First and foremost, it is a group of expressive means that embody specific ideological-artistic content in a musical composition. In the second place, musical form is a set of elements of the musical composition structure itself.

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